Commercial Law Colombia

As we walk you through the steps of setting up your Colombian corporation, we can explain some of the Colombian commercial laws that you will abiding by as you do business in Colombia. Although business is basically business in many countries throughout the world, there are a few key areas in which you'll notice a difference in Colombian commercial law:

Worker's Rights and Benefits

Labor laws favor the employee, and failure to pay the required benefits (including mandatory bonuses, whether you think the employee deserves it or not) results in penalties.

Corporate Contracts

Understanding the laws and using well-written contracts are key to protecting yourself in the event of a dispute.

Cultural Differences

You might notice that you put a different value on certain tasks, qualities, or rights than a native Colombian or the Colombian government does. Sometimes this is neither bad nor good, but it takes some getting used to.

Colombia Legal & Accounting can call upon our years of experience with commercial law in Colombia to assist you with the following:

Corporate Constitutions
Commercial Contracts
Colombian Labor Contracts
Purchase Agreements for a Variety of Commercial Transactions
Buying and Selling Colombian Corporations
Buying and Selling Real Estate in Colombia
Due Diligence Investigations for Any Colombian Investment
Import and Export Businesses

We have streamlined the process of setting up a business in Colombia with understanding of Colombian commercial laws, so you can relax while everything is taken care of by the professionals in a timely fashion. In many cases, our clients simply have to sign papers and show up at the Notary Office when necessary, while we handle the rest.

Put our understanding of commercial law in Colombia to work for you. Our bilingual team of Colombian accountants, lawyers, and investigators have years of experience in dealing with all matters relating to foreigners in Colombia.

We offer a variety of other services that you might require as a new business owner in Colombia, including the set-up of personal and corporate bank accounts, legalization of foreign investments, real estate closings, Colombian labor contracts, tax planning and filing, and so much more. Contact us and let Colombia Legal & Accounting make your transition to Colombia be as easy and comfortable as possible.