Colombia Attorney

Colombia Legal & Associates Is comprised of a bilingual team of Colombian accountants, Colombian attorneys and assistants. You’ll find our office near Medellín’s Golden Mile in the upscale business and financial district of El Poblado.

We understand the unique needs of Colombia’s growing expat community. We provide a variety of services, for both individuals and businesses, to help you transition smoothly into life in Colombia. Getting used to a new culture while trying to conform to new laws and regulations can be difficult, especially when those rules seem to change on a regular basis. We keep up with it all so you don’t have to.

For individuals who would like to move to Colombia to enjoy the quality of life without working in this country, we can help you buy real estate in Medellin, open a personal bank account in Colombia, get married or obtain a civil union in Colombia, and apply for the Colombian residency visa best suited to your circumstances.

For those who want to start a business, we’ve got a full-service menu to assist you with setting up your Colombian corporation, tax planning and filing, accounting and human resources, translating official documents, and so much more.


Our goal is to provide you with clear, transparent information (including costs) about the services we offer to help you transition into life in Colombia. Whether you are coming to Colombia to live, work, start a business, or set up a satellite office for an existing company, we have streamlined the steps you need to take to establish yourself here legally. Colombian laws and regulations can vary greatly from those in other countries, and having a team of professionals on your side who can do your paperwork right the first time to help you avoid costly delays and mistakes, is something we can’t recommend enough.


Since 2007, the CEO of Colombia Legal & Associates, James S. Lindzey, has been your boots on the ground in Colombia, running the #1 and most recognized visa service for expats, Visas y Tramites Internacionales. Before that, he was a private investigator in the United States, working largely with criminal defense teams. He has been a Colombian resident since 2005.

We can help with tax planning and filing, Spanish translation, apostille, Colombian accounting (with English financial reports compatible with US accounting standards), real estate in Medellín and elsewhere in Colombia, Colombian residency visas, corporate constitutions, payroll, labor contracts, and so much more. Contact Colombia Legal & Accounting today to see how we can help you start your life in Colombia off on the right foot.