Colombian Corporation

The first step in starting a business in Colombia is creating the Colombian corporation. Colombia Legal & Accounting has years of experience helping set up hundreds of companies in the form of simplified stock corporations (called SAS here in Colombia, it’s one of the most popular ways for a foreigner to set up a Colombian business), multinational corporations, sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations, and branch offices of companies based in other countries.

You’ve got paperwork, timelines, and a few headaches to deal with when starting a business in Colombia or any other country. The time line for creating a SAS, for example, is about five to eight days and includes creating the company constitution, visiting with DIAN for a Colombian tax ID number, and setting up a Colombian corporate bank account, among other tasks.

Colombia Corporation

At the same time, you’ll want to be applying for a Colombian business owner’s visa or Colombian investor’s visa, which could include obtaining certification of your investment or accounting, a visa application and its approval, a cédula (the Colombian ID card) application and its approval, and more.

Our team of qualified and experienced Colombian attorneys and Colombian accountants make it as easy as possible for you. You get to the enjoy the benefits of your new Colombian business, such as the opportunity for a Colombian residency visa as well as tax benefits, while we take care of the paperwork to form your corporation in Colombia.


We pride ourselves on our quick, transparent process. Here’s what we can promise you:


Proper formation of the corporation of your choice.


Timely processing and hand-delivery of completed documents.


Preparation of all required documents.


Regular updates throughout the process.

But you should know that when your Colombian corporation is formed and the last paper is signed, it’s really just the beginning! All Colombian companies must file taxes throughout the year. (How often depends on what kind of company you run.) You’ll also need a Colombian accountant to keep track of your books and take care of employee taxes. It’s critical to handle all phases of hiring, fairly paying, and even terminating employees correctly, because the Ministry of Labor tends to favor the employee (or former employee) if you end up in a dispute.

  • Colombia Legal & Accounting offers the following support services that you will need after your Colombian corporation is in place:

    Certified and experienced Colombian accountants.

    Colombian tax planning.

    On-time payment of taxes, including employee taxes and benefits.

    Ongoing advice about the ever-changing Colombian tax laws and labor laws.

    Colombian residency visa processing.

    Additional administrative services including human resources, auditing, and Spanish translation.

Call CL&A today to learn more about how your personal team of Colombian attorneys and accountants can help you establish and maintain your new business in Colombia.